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slay your goals
in 6 Steps

(including my Goal S.L.A.Y.E.R. Method for getting unstuck and started today even without a plan or a goal)

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You’ll learn:

  • HOW TO START SIMPLE TODAY WITHOUT A PLAN OR A GOAL. – No goal? No problem! I’ll show you the mind blowing way to make progress when you don’t know how or where to start. Seriously, no specific goals or plan required!
  • HOW TO TAKE STRATEGIC STEPS WITH JUST 5 MINUTES – It’s time to escape the planning and procrastination trap with my simple trick to take action when you’re too tired and too busy. 
  • HOW TO SECURE SUCCESS AND ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – Discover the one thing you’re missing, but need to really reach your goals, that no one is telling you.  
  • THE GOAL SLAYER METHOD to set and slaying your goals in 90 days – I use this exclusively with my one-on-one coaching clients, and I’m sharing it with you.
  • HOW I SLAYED MY GOAL OF ESCAPING THE 9-5 with no plan and no money in the bank, to build a successful blog, recognizable brand and profitable online business.

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Meet your host:

Founder, It’s All You Boo

Nadalie Bardo Masterclass

8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST

june 8

Founder of It’s All You Boo, a personal development blog committed to motivating you to slay your goals in life and business.

Escaped the 9 to 5 two years ago, with no plan and negative dollars in the bank, to become a self-taught creative entrepreneur.

Organically built a successful blog and recognizable brand in less than one year.

Known as the “queen of slaying your goals.”

Creator of the #SlayYourGoals Planner.

Founded the only Toronto Blogging Group, and now mentoring over 75 local bloggers.

A recovering obsessive-compulsive planner who is now addicted to achieving even bigger goals.

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